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Managing Human Resources has never been so easy

The newly released Saralbooks HR module has exciting, simple yet significant features that can easily reduce hours of work to just a few minutes, thus saving valuable hours. Saralbooks HR software is a must to have in NGOs and corporates of Nepal to compete in this technology friendly market.


Attendance Record

Employees can easily record their attendance from any location, either from field or office. Project managers can know the presence of their employees and get clarity on employee attendance history. Saralbooks HR module improves mobile workforce and employee engagement by allowing employees to check-in from web.

Employee Portal

Every employee has their personal user dashboard where they register their attendance, apply for leave, apply for loan/ advance, and create travel request and a whole host of other actions. Higher authority can also approve their subordinates’ leave, advance, loan and travel request through their own employee portal.


Employees can record their timesheet and maintain the record of the time spent on the respective projects. Project managers can view the details of the time spent by employees and field workers on every project and its tasks and get a centralized overview of the progress made on a project, assisting better performance evaluation.

Shift Scheduling

HR managers can define shift, add employees to streamline employee shift scheduling and manage multiple rosters smoothly. Employees can check in and check out according to their respective shift.

Payroll Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Saralbooks Payroll so that salary deductions and reimbursements are calculated accurately and in real time thus automating all your payroll processes. Salary calculation of different employees on different projects can be calculated in few clicks, reducing hours of work of calculating salary. Employees can also see their pay slip.

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