Managing HR Never Looked So Easy

Managing Human Resources has never been so easy The newly released Saralbooks HR module has exciting, simple yet significant features that can easily reduce hours of work to just a few minutes, thus saving valuable hours. Saralbooks HR software is a must to have in NGOs and corporates of Nepal to compete in this technology […]

Transition from Offline to Online

Transition from Offline to Online Saralbooks, Online Accounting Solution for Nonprofits Amid this pandemic, many organizations in Nepal shifted its focus from offline system to online (cloud-based) system/ software so that office task could be easily executed from home. Non-profit organizations faced huge issues carrying out financial activities and maintaining accounting information during this pandemic […]

Things NGO Finance Leaders Should Focus On

Throughout the non-profit sector of all kinds, funders and stakeholders are calling for greater transparency in their financial performance and their impact on the mission of NGOs. Whether an NGO engages in environmental, social, advocacy, community or human rights activities, finance professionals should effectively highlight outcomes and their mission to easily attract donors. NGO financial […]

Web-based Business Solution – Enhancing business process efficiency

Web-based Business Solution- Enhancing business process efficiency Managing accounts, inventory and payroll can sometimes become a real headache. As the business grows, things can become more difficult. You need to create more invoices, make new journal entries, create financial statements, deal with large quantities of stored inventory, manage physical goods, more payroll workload, and the […]

5 Tips for Accountants to Excel in Grant reportings

5 Tips for Accountants to Excel in Grant reportings Working as an accountant in an NGO can be very challenging and complex. It is very different from accounting in a company. You have added responsibility for reporting to donors and board members. We have put together 5 tips on becoming an efficient accountant in an […]