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Web-based Business Solution- Enhancing business process efficiency

Managing accounts, inventory and payroll can sometimes become a real headache. As the business grows, things can become more difficult. You need to create more invoices, make new journal entries, create financial statements, deal with large quantities of stored inventory, manage physical goods, more payroll workload, and the list goes on.
Hence, several businesses have made a shift from working hard manually to working smartly through software. Advantages and benefits that come with using cloud based accounting, inventory and payroll software are numerous; here are a few listed.

  1. Easily accessible

Since it is cloud-based, you can get access to the system from any device, any time and any where. All you need is a device that is connected to the internet and a browser.

  1. Real time record

Multiple users can work on the same data in real time, without ever getting in each-other’s way. Real time check-in, check out, inventory count can be easily known.

  1. Automation

You can automatically deduct TDS and generate vouchers on making payment to vouchers through cloud-based accounting software. You can generate goods requisition, purchase orders, receive bills, make payments and generate auto accounting vouchers as Automated Procurement Process. You can generate, view and download financial statements and reports with just a few clicks.

  1. Enjoy more security

Your data is covered under layers of high-end encryption algorithms, making it a lot safer than keeping it on the office shelf. You don’t have to worry about backing up your data, the system will do it for you.

  1. Reduce costs

Manual work cost time. Using online software can save your time by taking into consideration time wasted on things like doing repetitive tasks, fixing accounting errors, creating financial reports, manual payroll calculation, and so on.

  1. Increases efficiency

Batch wise and serial wise tracking of inventory along with Expiry date tracings has made inventory management easier. Avoiding stock outs and excess stock along with greater insights make the business efficient. Similarly, Payroll system saves time and shows accurate payroll calculations.

  1. Simple

Managing project wise payroll sheets has been made easier by Payroll software. Project wise time sheets, automatic tax calculation and payroll cost allocation sheets is now just a few clicks away.

  1. Transparency

Online system provides information transparency, as the authorized person can get access to the data and information of the company. Online software allows you to give different access levels to different users. You can allow permissions based on their roles and responsibilities.Saralbooks
“Saral” in Nepali means “easy”, hence Saralbooks provides easy solution for complex business processes in the areas of accounting, inventory, procurement and various business processes. Saralbooks is being developed by Whetstone Associates, an IT and business consulting company established in the year 2017 by a team of professionals comprising of chartered accountants, MBAs and computer engineers. Saralbooks is a cloud-based process integrated solution for small and medium enterprises, micro enterprises, non-profit organizations and service industry. Saralbooks is for those who strive to form a robust business process but are unable to afford costly ERP software. As the name suggests, it is so simple that the staffs with minimum or no previous experience can handle it with ease.
Saralbooks is the concept of a group of accounting practitioners having decades of experience in the field of accounting, auditing and management consulting. During their delivery of the services, they saw challenges in implementing the recommendations that they provided to their clients, which was either due to lack of resources or the capacity of the existing staffs of the clients. Hence, they formed a team to come up with an ultimate solution which would fulfil those gaps both in terms of quality and price in the country like Nepal.
After four years of development from our dedicated team we have come up with following modules:

  1. Saralbooks Accounts (SACS)
  2. Saralbooks Asset Management System (SAMS)
  3. Saralbooks Inventory Management System (SIMS)
  4. Saralbooks Payroll Management System (SAPS)
  5. Saralbooks Procurement Management System (SPROCS)
  6. Saralbooks Human Resource Management System
  7. Saralbooks Vehicle Management System

Saralbooks has been bundled with various packages depending upon the nature of Organizations with their specific features:

  1. Saralbooks for NGOs/ INGOs
  2. Saralbooks for Service sector
  3. Saralbooks for Hydropower