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Transition from Offline to Online

Saralbooks, Online Accounting Solution for Nonprofits

Amid this pandemic, many organizations in Nepal shifted its focus from offline system to online (cloud-based) system/ software so that office task could be easily executed from home. Non-profit organizations faced huge issues carrying out financial activities and maintaining accounting information during this pandemic phase. The need to implement cloud-based accounting software was felt by NGOs. Although, many NGOs in Nepal use accounting software to maintain accounting information, however, time to replace traditional offline accounting software with new cloud-based accounting software has come.

Saralbooks is a process integrated online process management solution specifically designed for nonprofits. Saralbooks is a modular online system for accounting, payroll, inventory, fixed assets, human resources, vehicle, procurement, and contract management. Saralbooks Accounts is designed on the principles of fund-based accounting, assisting NGOs to manage all their projects at a go.

Here are the few of the benefits and advantages of Saralbooks Accounts for Non-profits.

Cloud-based Complete Solution

Saralbooks is a cloud-based modular ERP system to manage your nonprofit organization. You can easily get access to the system from any device, anytime, and anywhere. All you need is a device that is connected to the internet and a browser. Saralbooks consists of modular suites of accounts, payroll, inventory, fixed assets, human resources, vehicle, contract and procurement management software. You can manage all your financial processes online through a single system. 

Project-based Accounting

Saralbooks Accounts allows NGOs to create projects along with budgets for each project. You can maintain separate books of accounts for your projects and easily generate project-wise and consolidated reports.

Payroll Cost Allocations

Allocating payroll costs for different projects has always been a headache for accountants working in the nonprofit sectors. Allocating such costs and raising accounting vouchers in all projects is one of the most cumbersome and hectic tasks. Saralbooks has simplified payroll cost allocations, with just a single click, you can generate your monthly payroll sheet and automatically create the necessary vouchers for all the projects.

Insightful Dashboard

Getting bored of only numbers. Saralbooks provides a real-time graphical presentation of financial information that gives you your financial overview at a glance. For instance, the amount spent on different projects can be depicted in the chart.

Online Checker and Approval System

You can check and approve your accounting vouchers and various forms online through the inbuilt process approval system in Saralbooks.

Procurement Process Tracking

You can generate Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, receive Bills, make Payments and generate auto accounting vouchers.

Professional Support

Saralbooks has a dedicated support team to help you set up your account for the first time as well as provide you with technical as well as accounting support whenever you need.

With the world transitioning to online system, now is the perfect time for you to transition to the modern accounting solution to manage your nonprofit organization.

You can contact 9745714401 to book your demo of Saralbooks right now.